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OpenSong is a software application designed to manage lyrics, chords, scores, programs and expenses. If you are a musician you should download OpenSong


Manage song lyrics, chords and scores

June 21, 2021
6 / 10

OpenSong is a free utility that will allow you to manage lyrics and the scores to play it. You will automatically be able to change the keynote of any score or print the document with all the information that is necessary to be able to play this music extract.

Manage the lyrics and chords of all your songs

Write down all the relevant information about your songs, from the title and their authors to the tempo or the copyright. The document can show the structure of the songs and it is possible to customize the visual appearance of the text to make your reading a lot more comfortable. You will also be able to use the document as a slideshow projection, something that will allow you to change the page with a click.

To start off, OpenSong was planned as a utility to present the lyrics of songs at a local parish, but you'll surely be able to find new utilities added to its capacity to manage all the information about your favorite songs.

Include the lyrics, score and structure of a song in a single document, find the most appealing and comfortable colors for the visual interface and play its contents by downloading OpenSong free of charge.

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Antony Peel