Composing rhythmic patterns with Hydrogen is simple and stimulating. Download on your PC Hydrogen for free, a drum machine to create percussion patterns

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Hydrogen is a pattern-based drum program, a percussion box that you will be able to program to create your own rhythmic patterns with ease, and that will guarantee your entertainment.

Program rhythmic patterns easily and intuitively with this professional tool.


  • Graphical interface developed in QT 4.
  • Stereo audio engine based on samples.
  • Import your own sounds in WAV, AU and AIFF format.
  • Includes a sample editor.
  • Has support for FLAC files.
  • Sequencer based on patterns. Create as many patterns as you want and modify the chain in real-time.
  • Limitless tracks, each with their own separate volume controls, panning, etc.
  • Up to 192 strikes per pattern.
  • Large list of sound effects.
  • Includes audio libraries.

Many features for a unique productivity

Hydrogen is a complete drum emulator with advanced professional features. Includes multilayer support for instruments, time-stretch functions and pitch to modify the sounds, different pattern modes, importing and exporting modes for your work... You even have humanization functions to provide your rhythms with such a realistic sensation that, on occasions, machines are incapable of offering. For more comfort you will be able to use all kinds of MIDI controllers to handle it.

Download Hydrogen for free, a fantastic virtual drum and rhythm box with which you can create unique patterns from your audio samples.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Alessandro Cominu
This year
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