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Virtual DJ comes along with all sorts of functions and features that have turned it into one of the best free tools to mix and deejay music from a computer


The most complete free software for DJs

April 30, 2024
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Getting hold of a great piece of software to create and mix music isn't as expensive as some people think. There are programs with which you can bring out all your musical creativity with loads of tools and resources, and one of the most popular options is to download Virtual DJ for PC, which also incorporates video editing functions conceived for video DJs.

More than 20 years creating programs for DJs

Thanks to the fact that it's equipped with a very easy-to-use interface, anyone who's familiar with music deejaying, whether electronic or not, can quickly get the hang of all its basic functions. From there on, adding effects, adjusting or modifying the BPM, doing loops or scratches is child's play.

Free software but with professional functions and features.

In fact, its design has been studied in depth, dividing the work area into different regions: the upper part includes the players and associated functions from where we can control aspects such as the waveform, the pitch or the CUE; from the lower part you can access the different folders of your hard drive to see cover and quickly access playlists.

Main features

  • Capacity to mix audio and video.
  • Scratches.
  • Locate up to 3 CUE points per track.
  • Supports up to 99 decks.
  • Record music sessions.
  • Create playlists.
  • Sandbox or safe area for mixes.
  • Create loops of variable length.
  • Playback and pitch control.
  • Integrated mixer with equalizer and gain control.
  • Master tempo, auto-mix and BPM detection functions.
  • Sample triggering with 14 audio effects, 12 video effects, and almost 20 different transitions.

A complete reportoire of functions that turn your PC into a complete mixing table.

Song mixing always under control

Once we download Virtual DJ for PC we can have all our song mixes always under control. Mainly thanks to its sandbox function from which the DJ can mix the tracks while another song is playing for the audience. In this independent workspace, any DJ can find the perfect inputs and outputs so he can get ready for his next mix with the confidence of knowing that it will be exactly how he wants it to be.

Integrated editors

One of its greatest appeals is the wide range of editors available:

  • AutoMix: it allows you to get ready a sequence of mixes that will be remembered later on, so that when you mix two track and unless you indicate otherwise they'll always enter and exit automatically through the same points.
  • Track Cleaner: it allows you to edit songs, removing lyrics, intros or any other element you consider insignificant for your mix.
  • Video Editor: it allows you to edit text or sound effects to a video. It's obviously conceived for video djing.
  • Sample Editor: it allows you to modify the majority of samples, whether audio, video or images or even combine them.
  • POI Editor: these points of interest are CUE points, AutoMix points, loops and other adjusted to each song.
  • BPM Editor: it allows you to adjust the beat of each song, even allowing you to set different beats within the same track.
  • Tag Editor: thanks to which you can group different songs depending on several criteria and recover them whenever you need to.

How much does Virtual DJ cost?

There are different versions of this software with different prices adjusted to how you need to use it:

  • VirtualDJ Home: it's free. It's conceived for domestic users that don't use it on any professional device.
  • VirtualDJ LE: for advanced domestic users that connect the program to professional devices such as MIDI controllers. Sold with the controller, so its price depends on the model of the latter.
  • VirtualDJ Plus: for professionals. Its price ranges between 49 and 249 dollars.
  • VirtualDJ PRO: it can be purchased by means of a monthly subscription of 19 dollars or a single annual payment of 299. It's also for professional users with the additional advantage of being able to use tailor-made settings and definitions for each controller, being able to broadcast over the Internet to a radio server or use it to store podcasts.

What's new in this latest version

  • Support for Numark NS4FX and Numark Mixstream Pro.
  • Compatible with Tiësto's The Next Beat controller.
  • Adds the "In Playlist" column to the browser's information panel.
  • Performance improvements for when using controllers with motorized jog wheels.
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