Virtual DJ Studio

8.2.2 Virtual DJ Studio is an application with which you can mix songs from different sources. Download Virtual DJ Studio for free and test its tools on your PC
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Every day there are more alternatives for DJs that want to use their computer to mix, but the programs developed to play music in restaurants and shops, with which it's also possible to mix music from different sources, aren't that common.

Features of this program

Virtual DJ Studio has 7 independent players, from which it's possible to launch WAV and MP3 audio clips, with the possibility to modify the volume, the balance, the playback mode and the equalization (through a 4-band parametric EQ).

The program has a very sober interface, ideal for the kind of user that it's focused on, it only has the basic controls, as well as a panel where we can create a playlist. Unlike other programs developed to mix live music, Virtual DJ Studio doesn't have effects, pitch modification, compatibility with VST plug-ins or capacity to play videoclips.

If you're not good enough for Traktor, try out something easier.

If you're looking for an application that's as simple as possible, and with which you'll easily be able to liven up any area with music, download Virtual DJ Studio right now.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial period can be used for 14 days.
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Antony Peel
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