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Power Tab Editor allows you to obtain the score of your musical compositions and play them from the application. Download Power Tab Editor for free


Transform your music into scores

March 18, 2010
6 / 10

Managing to have any song's score in digital format is rather complicated and that can only be done with specialized applications. Power Tab Editor is one of them, and with its help and that of a MIDI file, for example, we can have any song generated completely by means of digital techniques.

Get hold of the scores of your favorite songs

How Power Tab Editor works is very simple, we only have to indicate the exact notes in the score for the program to save them and play them if they are needed. With this program we can have various guitar tabs help files, and a maximum of seven guitars or basses per song, as well as including all the notes and music symbols so that the song is identical in the score to what it is in reality.

The application's interface isn't very intuitive, but the musicians that need its functionality will quickly learn how to use it because its options and menus are very complete. Of course, each creation can be played with the application without any problem.

Antony Peel

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