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Enjoy your favorite music by creating your own audio mixes. Download Dj ProMixer free, a brilliant music mixing program for DJs and music enthusiasts


Play and mix your music with this deejaying software

May 16, 2024
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If you like music, you may have thought about becoming a DJ, an option that's accessible with tools like Dj ProMixer. Designed thinking exclusively about the needs of this collective, Dj ProMixer offers a program with which you can mix music, and that is full of options.

Professional software for DJs on Windows

Dj ProMixer has support for the latest CD players on the market and for hardware controlled by means of MIDI. The control mapping for this kind of surfaces is still increasing, making even more products compatible each day. The software is also compatible with all kinds of MP3 controllers by the most prestigious brands, like Pioneer, Numark, Denon and Hercules.

One of the innovations included is the option to establish different configurations for the performance of the system depending on the computer on which the application is launched. Thus it will be possible to choose between quick performance, medium or low, or even configure it to be able to work with netbooks.

The evolution of DJing.

As in any product in this field that is worthwhile, it is possible to synchronize the speed of the songs automatically with great precision. Use the control wheels to modify the pitch or to scratch during a song.

Each deck has a total of 6 CUE points that you'll be able to shoot with precision. You'll be able to adjust the breaking speed of each song to be able to accomplish deceleration effects as would be possible with any physical turntable.

Discover the world of deejaying once you download Dj ProMixer for free. Create your own music sessions from your customized booth with this great free application.

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