Hercules Lighter

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Hercules Lighter will allow you to configure a Hercules mixing table with the Traktor DJ software. Light the LEDs of your Hercules table with this program


Illuminate the LEDs of your Hercules mixing table with Traktor DJ

January 10, 2011
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Currently, the MIDI remote control devices for applications dedicated to the DJ world are increasing in popularity. That is the case of the Hercules console, a product dedicated to the control of any digital mixing software that allows us to obtain sensations that are similar to those of any discotheque DJ.

Control the LEDs of your mixing table

Hercules Lighter is a useful application that allows us to synchronize this controller with the popular Traktor mixing software by Native Instrument. By assigning the MIDI parameters you will be able to illuminate Hercules's LEDs to attain an innovating visual appearance.

The software gathers the MIDI messages sent by Traktor and transfers them to the mixing table, managing to illuminate the LEDs depending on the adjustments applied by you in the Hercules Lighter interface.

This tool is distributed free of charge and hardly occupies any space. If you want to customize your mixing table and you have these two products you will be able to make them work together thanks to Hercules Lighter.

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