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AP Tuner is essential if you have any stringed instruments. Download AP Tuner and tune your guitar, bass or violin without needing a physical tuner


Practical tuner that is specifically for string instruments

March 22, 2010
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The digital world has reached all aspects of our lives and the music field isn't an exception. Now it's possible to tune any instrument easily with the help of a computer, thanks to applications like AP Tuner, a tuning utility that is specifically adapted for string instruments.

The process works by capturing the sounds coming from the instrument, perceived through the microphone or electronic instrument adapter. After that, AP Tuner analyzes all the data obtained and shows the following parameters. among others, on the screen:

  • An energy level indicator.
  • The note played.
  • Proximity to the next semitone.

The application also offers us the possibility to configure the recording of sounds from different devices.

AP Tuner has preset adjustments for different string instruments like the guitar, the bass, the viola, the violin or the violoncello, but you can configure other instruments from the “Edit Note Presets” from the “Note” menu.

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