BandzPro is a virtual orchestra for PC that includes electric guitar, acoustic guitar, grand piano, electric keyboard and even drums. Download BandzPro free


Play 5 virtual instruments with your keyboard

March 21, 2012
7 / 10

With BandzPro you can have a complete musical band on your PC. BandzPro is a pack of MIDI virtual instruments that includes from guitars to pianos, even though the amount of instruments available is continuously growing.


  • Install all kinds of virtual instruments on your PC: acoustic and electric guitars, complete drum kits, grand piano and electric keyboard... There's a large amount of instruments to choose from, and the developers add new instruments very often.
  • Use the PC's keyboard or mouse to handle the instruments.
  • Fantastic recreation of the sound of each instrument.
  • Adjust the output volume of the application.

Your music tutor

BandzPro is very simple to handle. In fact, it is the ideal tool to learn the general dynamics of how to play each of the instruments that it includes, because it includes a couple of options that can act as a guide to show the notes that correspond with each key, chord or percussion overlayed.

Download BandzPro for free and place a complete music orchestra on your home PC.

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Antony Peel