Modify the tempo and the tone of your songs by downloading BestPractice for free. Create loops with BestPractice thanks to its time-stretching algorithm

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There are many audio players available on the market, but very few of them allow us to modify the tempo and tone of a song, independently and in real time, or eliminate the central channel from a track, to be able to enjoy a song in Karaoke version. BestPractice does allow you to do so.

  BestPractice is an application that as well as playing MP3 and WAV files, allows us to alter the tone of each song with affecting the tempo and vice-versa, by using a complex time-stretching algorithm.

  The application will also allow us to create loops within a song, save the resulting audio from a modified song as a WAV file and receive information from CDDB for each audio CD that we insert in the CD drive.

  The program is ideal for guitarists that decide to practice a song's riff or to quickly adapt any song for a Karaoke, even being able to adapt its tone so that it matches our voice perfectly.

  If you're looking for an application that allows you to modify the tempo and tone of any song, download and install BestPractice.
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