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Download Kangas Sound Editor right now to create your own music and sound effects. The functioning of Kangas Sound Editor is based on frequency ratios


Create your own music from scratch

November 7, 2018
6 / 10

When it comes to adding sound to any audiovisual project, we may realize that those sounds that we need are protected by copyright laws or don't exist exactly how we want them. Then it's time to download a program like Kangas Sound Editor, a tool to create our own music and sound effects from scratch.

Music composition based on sound frequency ratios

Kangas Sound Editor is an open source music creation tool based on a frequency ratio system, instead of the traditional music notation. It makes use of an integrated database that takes care of storing the compositions and all the data relative to harmonic tones and the graphics that represent them. Control is carried out by means of a cell-based interface, which describes the features associated to each set of instruments, sound or chord being used, placed on a timeline.


  • Music and sound effect creation tool based on frequency ratios.
  • Integrated database to store compositions, harmonics used to construct melodic instruments and anti-harmonics for percussion instruments.
  • Cell-based control system with the drag & drop function enabled.
  • Possibility to export and import compositions in XML format.
  • WAV as audio output format.

Create your own music compositions for any of your projects with Kangas Sound Editor.

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