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Download Magix Audio Cleaning Lab for free on your PC and you will be able to recover all the music you have on cassette, improve its sound and digitize it


Digitize your LPs and cassettes obtaining the best sound

February 12, 2019
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Digital audio and new formats have left aside the old analogue systems used to listen to music, like LPs and cassettes. Probably most of us still have some old radio cassettes or LPs lying around the house, that we don't listen to because, clearly, MP3 is a lot more practical.

Get the cleanest and sharpest sound possible

Now we can digitize our LP and cassette collection in a very simple way thanks to Magix Audio Cleaning Lab (previously known as Magix Music Cleaning Lab), an application that will allow us to record, edit and fix any recording taken from an analogical input device.

One of the main advantages of this application is its intuitive interface because you'll hardly need any previous knowledge of audio editing to accomplish good results with this program.

Once we have captured the fragment of audio that we want to restore, we'll be able to eliminate the clipping, noisy vinyl, audio disturbances by means of a series of processes, so that we can fine-tune the song's volume and apply equalizer effects, and finally, choose the format that we want the resulting file to have.

If you think that digitizing our cassette and LP collection is very complicated, that's because you sill haven't tried out Magix Audio Cleaning Lab.

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