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Composing music on a computer is at your reach with Studio One, a DAW on the rise comparable to the best sequencers. Download PreSonus Studio One for free


A DAW on the rise

January 23, 2014
8 / 10

PreSonus is one of the most important music hardware and software manufacturers in this sector. You can now enjoy its broad experience with Studio One, a multitrack DAW ideal to create songs on your computer.

Robust enough for the most complex productions.

Record, mix and master your music with this creative environment developed with easiness, flexibility, speed and efficiency in mind. Whether you're a beginner or a professional producer, Studio One will satisfy all your needs.

Features of Studio One

  • Audio and MIDI edition and sequencing.
  • Unlimited channels and instruments.
  • Compatible with drag and drop technology.
  • Freeze function.
  • Automatic delay compensation system.
  • Advanced automation.
  • Simplified routing functional and sidechain tool.
  • Includes Presence sampler.
  • Intuitive MIDI mapping system.
  • Real-time time stretching.
  • Compatible with ASIO, Windows Audio and Core Audio controllers.
  • Same keyboard commands than in Pro Tool, Cubas or Logic.
  • Includes VST effects: Beat Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser...

Up with the best

In a short period of time, Studio One has become one of the most complete audio sequencers on the market. Extremely easy to use, it has nothing to envy to Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools and the rest of high-range DAWs.

Intuitive, easy-to-use and with excellent features. Start downloading PreSonus Studio One for free.

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