Minimoog V
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Minimoog V is a virtual instrument that recreates the classic sound of the original Minimoog. Play the legendary sound of this synthesizer with Minimoog V


Enjoy the real Moog sound on your PC

October 25, 2023
9 / 10

The analog synthesizers by Robert Moog are cult objects for musicians and producers alike. Among the instruments he developed, we can find the Minimoog, one of the best analog synthesizers of all times, with amazing sound, that you can now enjoy on your computer.

Moog's synthesizer for PC

Minimoog V is a virtual recreation of the famous synthesizer that maintains the same visual appearance and, what's more important, offers an exceptional sound quality. For this purpose, the same features have been recreated, starting with the oscillators, capable of offering the same waveforms than the original instrument offered.

The second fundamental element of Moog Minimoog are its filters. Digital recreations usually offer results that are nowhere near the analog reference of the original, something that doesn't happen with this software. As with the original, the frequency and emphasis controls are independent, and the fantastic four-stage filter has been emulated perfectly, something that together with the behavior of the amplifying stages crop offers pleasant harmonic and subharmonic frequencies.

Fed up with searching for the great sounds that could be produced years ago with the new virtual synthesizers that just don't manage to reach the mark? Check out Minimoog V, the power of its new bass and riffs sound are outstanding because we are talking about one of the best synthesizers of all times.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 8.1.
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