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Amara Flash News Ticker adds movement effects to the texts of your website. Download Amara Flash News Ticker and improve how your website is viewed


Show any text with scroll effects on your website

October 7, 2010
6 / 10

Amara Flash News Ticker allows you to create animated banners and boxes that show news, or whatever information you want, applying an interesting scroll effect to the text. And this is possible without needing to have any Flash, DHTML nor JavaScript programing knowledge. Thus, you'll be able to decorate your website with animated texts a lot easier than you would have thought.

To manage this scrolling effect it uses the SFW format, that is compatible with any web browser. Amara Flash News Ticker offers the user a great variety of options thanks to which it's possible to configure your animated text box.

Among the features that you will be able to customize you will find:

  • Text movement speed.
  • Possibility to activate URL links on any text chain.
  • Modify the color of the letters moving the mouse over them.
  • Select the text box size.
  • Background of the box, with the possibility to choose between a still image or a flash animation.
  • Sound volume if an audio track is added.

If you want to provide information to the users of your website in a very appealing way without getting into complications, download Amara Flash New Ticker and discover how easy it is to handle its WYSIWYG interface.

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