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AppValley is another alternative app store for iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad, which has nothing to envy to the official app store of the block


Apps for iPhone without jailbreak

December 18, 2020
9 / 10

Usually when you want a new application for your iPhone you go to the App Store. If you know exactly what you want, you use the search engine, and if you don't know for sure, you investigate for a while until you find something that fits your eye. However, there are other ways to get apps that have nothing to do with the official store and that could be of interest to you, since they contain things that you won't find anywhere else.

No jailbreak, and free.

The apps that give life to your smartphone can do more or less things depending on the restrictions... So skipping them can be synonymous with more possibilities. AppValley is an alternative market for iPhone apps where you will find things that are not in the normal iOS store. Why? Well basically because they are modded apps that allow you to do things that are not legal, such as not paying for certain features. Let's say that AppValley is the dark neighborhood within the iOS ecosystem. Best of all, you don't even need a jailbreak: this is true for everyone.

How to install AppValley for iOS

The installation process is quite simple, but again, it is worth a look. You'll have to visit the web of the app from Safari and once you see the icon of the app click on it to install it. Once done you will have to go through the configuration options of the iPhone to mark as safe the developer of the app. Once done you can open it without any problem, otherwise you will get a nice error message.

The interface is organized in 5 tabs:

  • Today: a selection of outstanding apps of the day.
  • Games: the part specialized in games.
  • Apps: potpourri with all the trick apps.
  • Updates: latest versions of the apps you have installed.
  • Search: to perform manual searches.
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