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TutuApp is an alternative to the iOS App Store that offers us free commercial applications and mods of your favorite apps without requiring a jailbreak

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Many times, iPhone users, although proud of their iOS devices, feel certain envy of Android users, especially due to the possibilities that the latter have when it comes to downloading applications and APKs from alternative sources and stores other than Google Play. But now thanks to TutuApp, iOS users can also get hold of an alternative market to iTunes from where they can download free commercial applications or improved and modified versions of classic apps.

Therefore, we're talking about the equivalent to what we'd find in Aptoide, Blackmart or Mobogenie for Android, but now on iPhone and iPad. By downloading this tool, you'll have access to games and apps that you'd usually have to pay for, enhanced versions of your favorite apps such as WhatsApp++, Facebook++, Spotify++, and games that already incorporate hacked functions so you can win by cheating at Pokémon GO, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale or Brawl Stars.

The best solution to have 2 WhatsApp numbers on your iPhone.

TutuApp vs TutuApp VIP

The program comes along with two different versions. One that is completely free also known as TutuApp Helper and incorporates limited functions, whilst TutuApp VIP is the premium or pro paid version with all features unlocked. Neither of the two options requires a jailbreak or an Apple ID.

A great alterntive to Cydia a Zestia.

How both versions work is very similar to the official App Store as we can find all the applications available perfectly categorized or simply carry out a manual search if we know what we're looking for. Developed in China, many users don't seem to trust this tool too much and want to know if it's completely safe. It looks like it and, in fact, its popularity has led it to land on other platforms such as Android and Windows PC, although only in beta phase in the case of the desktop version. Furthermore, we can also use it in other languages others than English, which is also a great advantage.

Finally, we have to point out that to be able to make use of this app, you won't need to get hold of the latest iPhone model as it's capable of running on iOS 7 and not only is it compatible with Apple's smartphones but also with other devices such as the iPad and iPod touch.

What's new in the latest version

  • The updates to the latest version of this alternative App Store haven't been disclosed.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 7.0.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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TutuApp Tips & Tricks

Does TutuApp for iOS work without jailbreak?

You can install TutuApp on iPhone without requiring to jailbreak your device. For such purpose, you only have to follow these steps:


How to repair TutuApp certificates if Apple blocks/revokes them

Those users that use TutuApp without jailbreaking their device may find that the application stops working correctly due to the fact that Apple could have revoked its permissions. The company does so to prevent its users from using it to download paid applications for free but there’s a way to get around this problem. For such purpose, we only have to follow these instructions:


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