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TutuApp is an unofficial app store for modded apps. You can now manage the applications on your phone straight from your Windows with TutuApp for PC


Manage your apps from your Windows PC

April 13, 2018
9 / 10

If you're a smartphone user, you probably know quite a few alternative app stores for both Android and iPhone where you can find other kinds of applications that aren't available via the usual download channels. They're an easy way of getting hold of apps that can't be downloaded otherwise and which in many cases offer the user some really appealing advantages. One of these stores is TutuApp where we can find paid apps or modded apps totally free of charge. It's one of the most popular and successful stores at present. And you can now download TutuApp for PC.

The best companion for your iOS device.

Its creators are continuing to develop new products and opening new doors and possibilities for their users. Those that have an iPhone and use TutuApp should download the Windows version to be able to manage all their apps straight from their computer. This software requires you to install iTunes but if you've got an iPhone, you probably already have it.

Three functions, endless app

TutuApp for Windows works mainly on three different aspects:

  • In the first place, as an app manager and organizer. You install and uninstall apps that you've downloaded from the store or from any other place in a jiffy and without any effort.
  • In the second place, as an optimizer for the download speed of your apps. A mobile connection will never be as fast as fiber optics, therefore, you can make the most of higher transfer rates and download many more apps in less time.
  • Finally, as a complete file manager. TutuApp doesn't only focus on apps but also on the management and organization of your iPhone's information.

How TutuApp works on PC

The interface is extremely simple and functional. From the menu on the left-hand side, you can choose between viewing the content of your iPhone or the content of the store. Depending on your choice, the options available in the upper menu will be different. When you choose your device, you can view all the phone's basic information as well as images, videos, contacts or apps. It behaves just like an explorer, scanning everything you've stored to show it to you on a pleasant interface.

However, if you go to the store, you'll be able to see a list of top apps at that moment, games or a ranking. From here you can download new apps available on TutuApp. There are different sections and categories so you can easily find what you're looking for. Once you've found it, just select the app and search for the classic green download button. That adds the download to a sort of shopping basket: once you've got everything there's an arrow in the bottom left corner to download everything. All the apps you've chosen will be installed right then.

If you've got an iPhone and you use Windows on your desktop, you're fed up with iTunes, and you're looking for apps that aren't available in the App Store, download TutuApp for PC and check out the experience. You definitely won't regret it.

Héctor Hernández

As a technology journalist with over 12 years of experience in the world of software and apps, I have had the opportunity to try all kinds of devices and operating systems over the years. I have done from software or mobile applications reviews...

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Antony Peel