Delete files blocked by Windows with Unlocker. Although it may seem like it isn't possible, download Unlocker free and use it to eliminate them from the PC

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One of the problems that we will usually find when using Windows, is that sometimes it is impossible to delete a file. The system tells us that it's because it is being used by an application, but on many occasions it is being blocked by Windows, to solve this problem, nothing better than Unlocker.

  This software is so so small that it will never bother us, even when open, because it minimizes to the system try, from where we will be able to launch it's only function: Help us to eliminate files. If the program is open and we tell it to, the cursor will become a wand and we will have to select the file that we can't delete, after this, a window will open where we will be able to choose if we want to delete it, move it, or rename it.

  Logically, we will select the option that we intended in the first place, that is to eliminate it, move it to another folder or simply rename it. Nevertheless, we have to make sure that the file isn't open in any application, and that it is secure to delete it.
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