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Freeraser is capable of completely eliminating files from your PC. Totally eliminate all your confidential information using the Freeraser methods


Totally eliminate files from your PC

February 10, 2011
8 / 10

Deleting files from your computer isn't always a synonym of having totally eliminated them. Nowadays there are multiple recovery tools that allow accessing deleted files once again. Therefore, if you need to totally eliminate a file you will have to opt for an alternative solution like Freeraser.

Three deletion modes

This tool is capable of totally deleting a file avoiding that they are recovered afterward. You will be able to completely delete all the data of your choice, making them totally unrecoverable. Freeraser can act in three different ways:

  • Quick: eliminating files quickly by means of the standard procedure.
  • Forced: forcing the destruction of the files by resorting to the DoD 5220.22.M standard.
  • Extreme: using the Guttman algorithm.

Considering that it is a total deletion of the files, the developers have included an alert message each time that you launch the application, that can be done by simply dragging the files that you want to eliminate to the software's interface.

Freeraser is a perfect tool to destroy unnecessary files or those that contain secret information. Eliminating files following the traditional method isn't enough, and Freeraser, that you can now download free, is the perfect solution to do so.

Héctor Hernández

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Scott McLure