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The best program to clean your computer to improve its performance. CCleaner is the best solution to recover space on your hard drive and optimize your PC


The best application to optimize your PC's performance

March 8, 2024
9 / 10

It doesn't matter how neat and tidy you are using your computer, you should know that its performance ends up being affected by how much we use it: junk files, browsing history, cache memory... all the latter makes the system slower and more unstable, therefore, it's recommendable to carry out periodical maintenance tasks. Download CCleaner for PC if you want to get hold of the best option to do so.

The ideal tool to clean and optimize Windows 10

If you visit Internet forums you'll soon reach the conclusion that CCleaner is the best tool you can find to improve your PC's performance. It's a very simple program thanks to how intuitive its interface is and it comes along with functions to return Windows to a condition similar to the very first day you bought it.

If you're wondering about is functions, here are its two main features:

  • Cleaning: after carrying out the system analysis, you can eliminate all the temporary files, cookies, the recycling bin files, browsing history files, recent documents lists, and clipboard material.
  • Optimizing registries: the analysis locates any error that may be encountered in the Windows Registry, as well as duplicate entries. After showing a list with all the problems encountered, you can choose those entries that you want to repair.

One of the main advantages if you decide to download CCleaner for PC is that this performance improvement and operating system acceleration also affects other aspects such as protecting our privacy: deleting all your tracks when browsing the Internet or your search history are functions that you'll appreciate if you're aware of your privacy and anonymity.

The best alternative to CleanMaster, Glary Utilities and JetClean.

Other functions available

This optimization software (probably the best in its category) can carry out other kinds of actions that will improve your experience as a Windows user:

  • Creation of system restore points: so that you can store a copy of your operating system at the exact moment that its condition and configuration were optimal, in order to go back to those settings whenever you want.
  • Complete application uninstalling: Windows's program deletion and uninstall tool doesn't always work as we'd like it to. However, this software takes care of removing any program efficiently without leaving any traces or junk files.
  • Secure information removal: make sure that when you delete something from your hard drive, you delete it forever. It's a good way to protect your privacy and prevent anyone else from snooping in your business.
  • Configure the start programs: optimize the Windows boot process establishing which programs are those that you want to run each time the computer starts up, in order to not waste time running useless processes.

Which is the best version of CCleaner?

Well, it will depend on how you use your computer: the program comes along in three versions to be downloaded: Free, Professional, and Professional Plus. The first one is for free and meets the basic needs of any average user. However, the other two are paid versions with advanced tools and automatic processes that can be useful for anyone how needs a full optimization of their computer due to its intensive use.

Updates in the latest version

These are the changes introduced in the latest version of this software:

  • Adds a new performance optimizer function.
  • Now analyzes applications running in the background.
  • Allows us to pause applications that are not necessary, reducing the system's load.
  • Keeps apps in standby status whilst not used.
  • Includes a guide and FAQ section.
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