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Ashampoo Undeleter is a program designed to be able to recover files that have been deleted accidentally. Download Ashampoo Undeleter and recover them


Recovery delted files

May 11, 2018
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Accidentally deleting one or more files can cause a real hassle to the user, because the possibilities of recovering a file once it has been eliminated from the recycling bin are relatively low, even thought they increase substantially if you use a tool like Ashampoo Undeleter.

Recover your lost files

The first thing that a user has to take into account before using Ashampoo Undeleter is that it has to be installed before a file is accidentally deleted, because the biggest problem that can arise when trying to recover data is that its data is overwritten before it can be recovered.

Using Ashampoo Undeleter is very simple, because you'll simply have to open Ashampoo Undeleter and carry out a search to find all the deleted files that can be found on the hard drive. Beside each one of them the program will indicate the quality, that can range from Good to Lost, which is really an indicator of the possibilities of recovering a file.

Once the files that are to be recovered are found, it will only be necessary to choose the option on the program's interface and choose where the recovered files will be stored.

Download Ashampoo Undeleter to be able to recover files that have been removed accidentally.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial period lasts for 10 days, that can be expanded to 40 days by filling in a free registry once you finish installing the program.

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