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With Astro Master - Palmistry & Horoscope Zodiac Signs for Android, you'll find out what the future has in store for your thanks to the stars and palmistry


Check your horoscope thanks to Astro Master

October 18, 2018
6 / 10

An accurate horoscope app for Android that predicts the future? Well, if you still believe in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy, you can try to download the APK of Astro Master - Palmistry & Horoscope Zodiac Signs.

We're talking about an app capable of providing you with your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual horoscope for any of the 12 star-signs. Everything looks so real that you might even believe that you're so important that your destiny depends on the stars and the universe.

What does your horoscope say today? Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius, Piscis, Aries... They're all there!

All in all, together with religion and homeopathy, here comes the horoscope as yet another legendary scam. In this app, apart from trying to tell you what your future is going to be like in terms of love or health, you'll also find a section about palmistry and line reading... So, what are you waiting for to download the APK?

At least the interface is quite neat and tidy if we compare this app to others of the same category, and there aren't any invasive adverts. We suppose that's an advantage although an ad might have more sense than the contents of this app.

What about the Chinese horoscope?

These are the main features and functions of Astro Master:

  • Features of your zodiac sign.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual prediction.
  • Basic palmistry guide so you can learn how to read the lines of your hands: heart, head, life, destiny...
  • Advice and compatibilities: what to do if you're Piscis? Who's Capricorn compatible with? That sounds interesting...

The truth is that the only thing you need to know about the stars and astrology can be found in the anime series Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac... Just forget about anything else.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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