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Audit and check the security of your WiFi networks with the tools offered by BackTrack. Protect yourself against intruders and potential data leaks


Audit the security of your WiFi network

January 29, 2013
9 / 10

There are loads of Linux distributions focused on auditing the security of wireless networks. However, hardly any of them stand out as much as BackTrack, a comprehensive toolbox with over 300 utilities for different purposes. With this distribution you'll be able to get hold of an optimized version of Linux to audit the WiFi connections you manage.

An essential toolbox to optimize your network's security.

One of the most interesting aspects can be found in its design, conceived to be used just like a LiveCD as it comes in ISO format. In other words, you can run it on any computer, including Windows, from a CD, DVD or USB with VirtualBox or any other similar program.

Functions and features of BackTrack

  • Audit the security and strength of WEP and WPA passwords.
  • Test the security of servers.
  • Appraise web applications.
  • Includes a wide range of tools, from sniffers to keyloggers.
  • Obtain reports with test results.
  • Look up all kinds of user manuals on the author's website.

All the tools available in BackTrack

Most of the utilities in BackTrack have been taken straight from the world of computer pirates; others however have been developed by important companies within the computer security world: dnsmap, Netmask, PsTools, TCtrace, Nmap, Protos, Cisco vulnerability tools, SQL Inject, SMB-NAT, Pirana, Dsniff, Hydra, Sing, Wireshark, NSCX, Airsnort, SNORT, Hexedit...

Requirements and additional information:

  • This application is in ISO format, and due to this you will have to burn it on a disc or virtualize it if you want to launch the application.
  • This is the GNOME version for 32-bit systems.
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