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In the field of Internet search engines, it may seem that everything is pretty much covered by Google, but that is not the case. There are other options such as Microsoft's Bing that attempts to offer more up-to-date results than those of its rival.

Microsoft's answer to Internet searches

The results from Bing often differ from those of Google as the data search criteria is different, attempting to leave out the less relevant or outdated results. This is Microsoft's reply to Google, intending to be the main competitor of the omnipresent search engine based in the area of San Jose, California.

Bing searches from the browser

With the download of the Bing extension for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, the user can add the option to find information with this search engine without having to go to the website. And even if you're already satisfied with Google's results, it's always nice to get a second opinion.

The reliability of a mighty company

This add-on is the ideal complement for searches on the web, as it has been developed by the Microsoft team. So, don't hesitate a second about downloading Bing for your browser, and add to your Google searches for even better results.

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