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Feel all the excitement of bingo in the international games of Bingo Smash, a multi-player, multi-adventure and multi-color game for mobile devices

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Bingo is a very simple game that raises passions. If you also want to feel the excitement of this game of chance, but without the risk of losing money, just download the APK file of this LuckyJoy title and join one of the multiplayer games.

Play bingo with players from all over the world

Bingo Smash is a fun game in which we will enjoy bingo in all its splendor while traveling around the world. We will start our adventure in a paradisiacal beach, but, as we advance, we will be unlocking other scenarios, like a bakery, a jungle or the ancient Mayan civilization. And we will also be able to collect adorable pets.

Before starting our game we can select the number of cards we want to play with: one, two, four or eight. Then we only have to wait a few seconds to join the next multiplayer game.

You can play with one, two, four or eight cards.

Every five seconds the narrator will say a number and a letter. If we have the number on our cards, we can cross it out and continue for bingo. In addition, we can also activate power-ups to get even more prices. As soon as we complete a line we will have to sing bingo.

There is a limited number of bingos, so we will have to be fast and attentive to the numbers. And beware of singing bingo by mistake, as the game will penalize us with a few precious seconds on the bench.

It is a very nice, entertaining and colorful game with a lot of fun power-ups and scenarios to unlock. If we want to experience the thrill of bingo anytime and anywhere, this is the app we were looking for.

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Shay O’Toole
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