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Bitsnoop is a directory of torrent files. Search for and download movies, series, video games, and any other multimedia file that you can think of

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Without any doubt, Bitsnoop has become one of the best options to download torrents from the web. It's an efficient, simple, and well-structured portal. Its design is not overloaded and that's precisely one of the aspects that have led it to be so successful. We can search for contents in many languages, although the majority are obviously in English.

How to use Bitsnoop?

Once we access the web, the first thing we'll find is a Google lookalike search engine. It's not like other torrent search tools but it looks similar to other portals of the likes of The Pirate Bay, a reference for this kind of site. You won't need to use any sort of proxy, but we always recommend you to install one just in case. You never know when it might become illegal to download torrents in your country.

We can straight away choose the kind of search we want to carry out: all sorts of files, videos, audio, games, software, and others. We'll also have the option to use the autocomplete function, which turns out to be very useful as it offers us smart queries.

Once we enter any content, we'll be provided with all sorts of information such as the number of seeds available, which is very important when it comes to using a P2P application because if nobody's sharing the file it will be impossible to download it. We can also find other additional details such as the space required or the number of CDs (yes, people still use them) we'd need to store it physically.

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