Internet Applications for Android

Make the most of the Internet with your Android thanks to all sorts of applications that allow you to monitor networks or gain remote access to computers

Google Chrome 90.0.4430.72 English
Chrome 90.0.4430.82

Google's browser for Android

uTorrent 3.5.5 45952 English
uTorrent 6.6.1

Android version of the P2P client

Firefox 88.0 English
Firefox 88.1.1

The Android version of Mozilla's web browser

Microsoft Edge English
Microsoft Edge

The Android version of Microsoft's web browser Edge

Total - TDownloader 1.0.105 English

Browser that incorporates a download manager

MEGA 4.1.1 (367) English
MEGA 4.1.1 (367)

The official client of the cloud storage service

Google Drive English
Google Drive

Android app for Google's cloud storage service

Dropbox 228.2.2 English
Dropbox 228.2.2

Cloud storage from your Android

UC Browser English
UC Browser

Fast and low-consumption web browser for Android

Router Keygen 4.0.2 English

Find out the WiFi password of wireless networks

Opera Mini 55.1.2254.56965 English
Opera Mini 55.1.2254.56965

Increase your browsing speed

Opera 63.0.3216.58473 English
Opera 63.0.3216.58473

The Android version of this experienced web browser

UC Browser Mini English
UC Browser Mini

Fast and minimalistic browser for Android

zANTI 3.19 English
zANTI 3.19

Application to check your network's security

AndroDumpper 3.11 English

App to audit the security of WiFi networks

WiFiKill 2.3.2 English
WiFiKill 2.3.2

Control the web traffic of the devices connected to your network

Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.3 English
Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.3

Application to decrypt Wi-Fi keys

Filelinked 2.1.2 English
Filelinked 2.1.2

File download manager

Reaver 1.30 English
Reaver 1.30

App to audit WiFi networks

FaceNiff 2.4 English

Borrow the passwords of users on a WiFi network

Hackode 1.1 English
Hackode 1.1

All the tools necessary to test Android

NetHunter 2019.3 English
NetHunter 2019.3

Efficient pentesting application for Android

Andrax v5R English
Andrax v5R

Ethical penetration test platform

The WiFi Hacker 1.7 English

Pretend to break into WiFi networks on Android

Bcmon 3.0.1 English
Bcmon 3.0.1

Break into WiFi networks and monitor their traffic

YTS YIFY Browser 4.0 English

Download hundreds of movies in torrent

dSploit 1.0.31b English
dSploit 1.0.31b

Monitor and control your WiFi network

DroidSheep 15 English

Control the traffic on devices connected to a WiFi

WIBR+ 1.5.5 English
WIBR+ 1.5.5

Access WiFi network through brute force attacks

Hijacker 1.5 English

Check the security of your network with this pentesting app

Network Spoofer 2.4.0 English

Play pranks and change browsing on other devices connected to your network

cSploit 1.6.6 English
cSploit 1.6.6

The most advanced security kit for Android

Chromium 88.0.4302.0 English
Chromium 88.0.4308.0

Open-source web browser that's the forefather of Chrome

Shark for Root 1.0.2 English

Tool to intercept WiFi traffic

NetCut 3.5.4 English
NetCut 1.7.9

Detect intruders on your WiFi networks

UCmini Handler 10.4.2 English

Modified version of the UCmini browser

WIFI WPS WPA Tester 4.1 English

Discover nearby WiFi networks and audit their security

DroidSniff 1.0 English

An app for stealing user credentials

Phoenix Browser English
Phoenix Browser

A fast and private browser

Faster Internet 2X 2.0 English

Higher data access speed