Internet Applications for Android

Make the most of the Internet with your Android thanks to all sorts of applications that allow you to monitor networks or gain remote access to computers

AndroDumpper 3.11 English

App to audit the security of WiFi networks

Chrome 107.0.5304.141 English
Chrome 107.0.5304.141

Google's browser for Android

WPSApp 1.6.61 English
WPSApp 1.6.61

App to audit the security of your WiFi network

WPS Connect 1.3.9 English

Connect to your WiFi without a password

NetCut 3.5.4 English
NetCut 1.7.9

Detect intruders on your WiFi networks

Firefox 107.0 English
Firefox 107.1.0

The Android version of the Mozilla browser

uTorrent 3.6.0 46554 English
uTorrent 7.4.2

Android version of the P2P client

Opera 72.3.3767.68685 English
Opera 72.3.3767.68685

Android version of the fast browser

MEGA 6.22.1 (485) English
MEGA 6.22.1 (485)

The official client of the cloud storage service

BitTorrent 7.3.0 English
BitTorrent 7.3.0

Download torrent files on your Android

Google Drive 2.22.457.2 English
Google Drive 2.22.457.2

Android app for Google's cloud storage service

Internet Booster 4.6.1 English

Speed up your Internet connection

Microsoft OneDrive 6.69 English

Microsoft cloud storage

Dropbox 306.2.2 English
Dropbox 306.2.2

Cloud storage from Android

AnyDesk remote PC/Mac control 6.6.0 English

AnyDesk's remote control for PC and Mac

NetHunter 2019.3 English
NetHunter 2019.3

Efficient pentesting application for Android

UC Browser English
UC Browser

Fast and low-consumption web browser for Android

Brave Browser 1.45.133 English
Brave Browser 1.45.133

A browser that incorporates AdBlock

Microsoft Edge 107.0.1418.58 English
Microsoft Edge 107.0.1418.58

The Android version of Microsoft's web browser Edge

Opera Mini 66.0.2254.63894 English
Opera Mini 66.0.2254.63894

A fast browser that protects your privacy

WiFi Magic 4.7.11 English
WiFi Magic 4.7.11

Locate and reach public wifi networks

Android System WebView 107.0.5304.141 English
Android System WebView 107.0.5304.141

Android's native web page viewer

UC Browser Mini English
UC Browser Mini

Fast and minimalistic browser for Android

Adguard Content Blocker 4.0.79 English

Block advertising while browsing the Web

TeamViewer 15.35.7 English
TeamViewer 15.35.163

Access computers remotely from Android

Total - TDownloader 1.0.137 English

Browser that incorporates a download manager

zANTI 3.19 English
zANTI 3.19

Application to check your network's security

WiFiKill 2.3.2 English
WiFiKill 2.3.2

Control the web traffic of the devices connected to your network

Reaver 1.30 English
Reaver 1.30

App to audit WiFi networks

UPX 87.0.4280.141 English
UPX 87.0.4280.141

Private and secure browsing on your smartphone

cSploit 1.6.6 English
cSploit 1.6.6

The most advanced security kit for Android

WIBR+ 1.5.5 English
WIBR+ 1.5.5

Access WiFi network through brute force attacks

Bcmon 3.0.1 English
Bcmon 3.0.1

Break into WiFi networks and monitor their traffic

Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.3 English
Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.3

Application to decrypt Wi-Fi keys

Andrax v5R English
Andrax v5R

Ethical penetration test platform

The WiFi Hacker 1.7 English

Pretend to break into WiFi networks on Android

Hackode 1.1 English
Hackode 1.1

All the tools necessary to test Android

DroidSheep 15 English

Control the traffic on devices connected to a WiFi

Filelinked 2.1.2 English
Filelinked 2.1.2

File download manager

Hijacker 1.5 English

Check the security of your network with this pentesting app

Network Spoofer 2.4.0 English

Play pranks and change browsing on other devices connected to your network

Chromium 91.0.4472.101 English
Chromium 91.0.4472.101

Open-source web browser that's the forefather of Chrome

Tor Browser 102.2.1 English
Tor Browser 102.2.1

The Android version of the web browser for the Tor network

v2rayNG 1.6.26 English
v2rayNG 1.6.26

The Android version of V2Ray

Genesis - Onion Search Browser 631 English

Tor network browser that allows us to search on the dark web

Yandex Browser English
Yandex Browser

Fast browser with high compression rate

YTS YIFY Browser 4.0 English

Download hundreds of movies in torrent

WiFi AR 5.6.2 English
WiFi AR 5.6.2

Wifi signals in augmented reality

dSploit 1.0.31b English
dSploit 1.0.31b

Monitor and control your WiFi network

VREM WiFi Analyzer 3.0.10 English

Scan all the wifi networks around you

Ungoogled Chromium 92.0.4515.159 English
Ungoogled Chromium 92.0.4515.159

Use Chrome without relying on Google

WIFI WPS WPA Tester 5.0.2 English

Discover nearby WiFi networks and audit their security

Faster Internet 2X 2.0 English

Faster data access speed

Global WiFi Password 3.10.3 English

Scan nearby wifi hotspots and connect to them

UCmini Handler 10.4.2 English

Modified version of the UCmini browser

Aloha Browser 3.12.1 English

A private browser with VPN

Epic Privacy Browser 66.0 English

Chromium-based browser to protect user privacy

Instabridge English

Application to find public WiFi networks in your city

WeTorrent 1.0.33 English
WeTorrent 1.0.33

All you need for downloading torrents using a smartphone

QQ Browser English
QQ Browser

Web browser developed by Tencent

1DM 15.2 English
1DM 15.2

A powerful browser for Android with download manager

WiFi Map 6.0.0 English
WiFi Map 6.0.0

Complete Wi-Fi hotspot map

DroidSniff 1.0 English

An app for stealing user credentials

WiFi Manager 4.3.0-228 English
WiFi Manager 4.3.0-228

A Wi-Fi network manager for Android

Via Browser 4.3.2 English

Small but tough browser

CM Browser English
CM Browser

The most lightweight and safe browser for Android

WPS Wifi Checker Pro 32.0 English

Check the security of your WiFi networks

Vivo Browser English
Vivo Browser

The official browser for Vivo smartphones

NetShare 1.99 English
NetShare 1.99

Share your data with other devices using your Android

Network Mapper 1.7 English

Audit the security of your own network

UC Browser Turbo English
UC Browser Turbo

A minimalistic browser without any bothers

GeekNet 1.0.9 English
GeekNet 1.0.9

Free wifi network locator with built-in VPN

TorrDroid 1.7.7 English
TorrDroid 1.7.7

Torrent search engine and client for Android

Phoenix Browser English
Phoenix Browser

A fast and private browser

WiFi Master Key 5.1.93 English

Share WiFi with everyone

Password WiFi 4.0.5 English

Recover your WiFi password if you forget it

Proxy Browser 2.4.4 English

Visit blocked Internet pages

4shared 4.38.0 English
4shared 4.38.0

Online storage app for Android to freely share and find files

Blue Proxy 1.0.73 English
Blue Proxy 1.0.73

Enjoy a secure, private and anonymous internet connection

Bromite 102.0.5005.92 English
Bromite 102.0.5005.92

Web browser based on Chromium

Open Browser English
Open Browser

A browser with games and multiple functions

FrostWire 2.3.0 English
FrostWire 2.3.0

Your P2P for Android devices

Samsung Max 4.4.18 English
Samsung Max 4.4.18

Easily decrease the consumption of data

Swift WiFi English
Swift WiFi

Manage WiFi networks

FileSynced 2.1 English

File sharing download client

Kiwi Browser 98.0.4758.94 English
Kiwi Browser 98.0.4758.94

Lightweight and convenient browser for Android

Azka Browser 41.0 English

A browser capable to access blocked sites

Firefox Lite 3.4.1(7492) English
Firefox Lite 3.4.1(7492)

Mozilla's fast and lightweight browser for Android

Wifi Helper 1.0.8 English

A helper for connecting to free wifi networks

Chrome Beta 107.0.5304.54 English
Chrome Beta 107.0.5304.54

The Beta version of Google Chrome

WiFi Warden English
WiFi Warden

Application to analyze the security of WiFi networks

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.143.1 English

Protect yourself against tracking whilst you browse the Internet

Orfox Final-RIP English
Orfox Final-RIP

Browse the Tor network on Android

Armorfly English

Browser designed to offer more private browsing

Flud English

A torrent downloader for Android

Cake Web Browser 6.0.27 English

A browser to be used on smartphones

ReveLA WIFI 1.4.2 English

Reveal Wi-Fi passwords

Dolphin Browser 12.2.9 English

The fastest and most simple browser for Android

PdaNet 5.22.1 English
PdaNet 5.22.1

Share your Android connection with other devices

Advanced Download Manager 14.0.4 English

An effective download manager on your smartphone

Tenta 6.4.1 English
Tenta 6.4.1

Browser with VPN capabilities

Vivaldi 5.3.2683.35 English
Vivaldi 5.3.2683.35

Safe and customized web browsing

TeraBox 3.1.3 English
TeraBox 3.1.3

One terabyte of online storage for all your files

Google Datally 1.8 English

Save up to 30% of browsing data with this Google app

Adblock Browser 3.0.1 English

Adblock browser to block advertisements

Internet Speed Meter 1.5.9 English

Control your Android connection speed

WIFI-PASSWORD 10.6.0 English

Store the passwords of the networks you are connected to

HTML Website Inspector 2.991 English

Edit the HTML source code of a web page

Net Optimizer 1264u English

Find and connect to the fastest DNS server

Nessus 1.0.1 English
Nessus 1.0.1

Scan vulnerabilities with your Android

Mi Browser 12.7.5 English
Mi Browser 12.7.5

Xiaomi phone's web browser

Internet Accelerator 1.0 English

Speed up your connection

Soul Browser 1.3.24 English
Soul Browser 1.3.24

Fast browser with minimalist design

Sony Smart Connect English
Sony Smart Connect

Connect your Android to Sony's smart devices

USB Tethering 3.1 English

Share your Android's internet connection via USB

Set DNS 2.1.3 English
Set DNS 2.1.3

Set different DNS on your device

Quick Internet Speed Booster 2.0 English

Internet Accelerator for Android

Opera GX 1.6.5 English
Opera GX 1.6.5

Opera's browser designed for gamers

JuiceSSH 3.2.0 English
JuiceSSH 3.2.0

SSH client that includes Local Shell, Mosh and Telnet

Yandex.Browser Lite English

Lightweight and compact browser for Android

Samsung Internet Browser English

Samsung's browser for mobile phones

Ares Plus 2.2 English

Version of Ares for Android

Firefox Focus 107.0b6 English
Firefox Focus 107.0b6

The most private version of Firefox for Android

Opera Touch 2.9.9 English

Opera's browser designed to be used single-handed

DU Browser English
DU Browser

Web browser for those of you that don't like Chrome

Internet Browser 1.7.0 English

Fast and lightweight web browser

Free Basics by Facebook English

Join Facebook and other websites for free

Pi Browser 1.4.0 English
Pi Browser 1.4.0

Browser that supports operations based on blockchain data structures

Chrome Dev 108.0.5359.10 English
Chrome Dev 108.0.5359.10

The version of Chrome for developers

Chrome Canary 109.0.5381.0 English
Chrome Canary 109.0.5381.0

The experimental version of Google Chrome

Microsoft Remote Desktop English

Remote access to Windows 10

AllShare Control English

Remote control for Samsung devices and household appliances

ClockworkMod Tether English

Access the Internet with your PC using your Android's data connection

BF Browser 20.0 English

A web browser that allows you to skip blocking web pages

WiFi Prioritizer 2.0.8 English

Establish the connection order of your favorite networks

DriveDroid 0.10.9 English
DriveDroid 0.10.9

Boot your PC from your mobile

Qwant 3.4 English
Qwant 3.4

The search engine that offers a more neutral web

Torrent Search Tool 3.0.1 English

Torrent search engine for Android

WiFi Key Recovery 0.0.8 English

App to recover your WiFi keys

Download Accelerator Plus 20190824 English

App to download files faster and save data

Si Browser 1.1 English

Browser with built-in VPN

Fennec F-Droid 107.1.0 English

Lightweight browser based on Mozilla Firefox

Ecosia 4.4.1 English
Ecosia 4.4.1

The ecological browser for Android

5GHz WiFi Tester 1.19.0605 English
5GHz WiFi Tester 1.19.0605

Check compatibility with 5 GHz band WiFi networks

Firefox Nightly 108.0a1 English

The Mozilla browser with the most advanced features

Puffin Web Browser English
Puffin Web Browser

A faster browser than Chrome

TugaBrowser 60.0.3112.2938655 English
TugaBrowser 60.0.3112.2938655

Browser optimized for phones as a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

TP-Link Tether 3.4.10 English

Control your wireless networks

SSLStrip 1.0.1 English
SSLStrip 1.0.1

App to decipher the HTTPS traffic from a network

Wifi Analyzer 3.11.2 English

Analyze WiFi networks with your smartphone