Chrome for Android has a natively built-in method to get rid of advertising completely. It is very easy to activate: open Chrome and click on the menu button (top right corner of the screen):

New tab in ChromeNew tab in Chrome

On that menu, click on Settings to continue:

Chrome’s menuChrome’s menu

In this section, scroll down to Advanced. There, click on Site settings:

Chrome’s advanced settingsChrome’s advanced settings

Let’s focus on blocking two elements. First, pop-ups. In Site settings, scroll down to Pop-ups and redirects, and click on it:

Block pop-ups in the website settingsBlock pop-ups in the website settings

They are usually blocked by default, but it is worth checking. If the control is grayed out, the pop-ups are being blocked:

Pop-ups blockedPop-ups blocked

Let’s get back to Site settings. Under the pop-ups section, you will find Ads. Click on it:

Adblocking in the website settingsAdblocking in the website settings

You will reach a screen where you have to check if the control is grayed out. If it is, that means that ads are already being blocked:

Ads blockedAds blocked

However, it should be noted that this native Chrome blocker blocks some ads, but not all of it. The browser natively blocks the following ads:

  • Ads that appear before content loads.
  • Ads that take up more than 30% of the screen.
  • Ads that change background or color quickly and intermittently.
  • Ads that do not let users access the content until the countdown is over.
  • Ads that appear when you scroll and are discarded when you scroll again.
  • Ads that remain on the screen and do not disappear.