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4.4.18 Samsung Max, the former Opera Max, helps Android users to decrease the consumption of data on Samsung smartphones and to protect confidential data
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'You've just reached 80% of your data consumption'. The horrifying message is a first-world problem capable of scaring any millennial and millions of other users that almost live on their smartphones. For this same reason, developers are putting in plenty of effort to create applications that allow us to reduce our data consumption without losing any quality or speed when it comes to browsing the Internet on our phone.

Samsung, the South Korean giant, has just republished the renowned application Opera Max under the name of Samsung Max, available exclusively for Galaxy devices.

Save data using your favorite applications and take care of managing them correctly.

Features of this refurbished version of Opera Max

The best way to make the most of our data plan without having to go around begging for WiFi a fortnight before our invoicing period is over, is to use an application like this one that includes all the features necessary to spend the minimum amount of money and protecting us against possible thefts of confidential data:

  • Save data in the foreground, and compress and manage data in the background to reduce the consumption and extend the user's data plan.
  • Shows savings reports to the use to teach him how to reduce his data consumption.
  • The app warns us about our smartphone's tools that use the most data in the background.
  • It protects us by means of an incognito mode that prevents customized adverts and spyware from tracking us.
  • Encrypts connections to protects the user's confidentiality when connected to a public WiFi network.
  • Includes Ultra apps specifically developed to save data, protect our privacy and use the Internet and social networks without wasting date or putting ourselves in danger.

And all this is for free. This APK file is exclusive to Android Samsung devices and only shows us a few adverts in exchange for its services. Furthermore, if you think it's necessary, you can also purchase the Premium service to completely remove all the ads.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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