Remote Control Applications for Android

Turn your smartphone into the perfect spot to remotely access any other device connected to the Internet thanks to these remote control apps for Android

AnyDesk remote PC/Mac control 6.5.2 English

AnyDesk's remote control for PC and Mac

TeamViewer 15.29.4 English
TeamViewer 15.29.97

Access computers remotely from Android

DriveDroid 0.10.9 English
DriveDroid 0.10.9

Boot your PC from your mobile

Sony Smart Connect English
Sony Smart Connect

Connect your Android to Sony's smart devices

Wake On Lan 1.35 English

Turn on your computer remotely thanks to this app

SmartThings English

Control your home from Android

Mi Home 7.5.703 English
Mi Home 7.5.703

Xiaomi’s smart control center

AllShare Control English

Remote control for Samsung devices and household appliances

iRobot HOME 4.8.0-release English
iRobot HOME 4.8.0-release

Control your iRobot with your device

Smart Life 3.24.5 English
Smart Life 3.24.5

Remotely control all your appliances from anywhere

VNC Viewer English
VNC Viewer

Your computer under remote control

TeamViewer QuickSupport 15.28.80 English

Control another phone remotely with your Android

VMware Horizon Client 8.4.1 English

Access other devices from your Android

JuiceSSH 3.2.0 English
JuiceSSH 3.2.0

SSH client that includes Local Shell, Mosh and Telnet

Parallels Access English
Parallels Access

Access your PC remotely from Android

AirMirror English

Control one smartphone from another

Wyze 2.16.23 English
Wyze 2.16.23

Control your smart devices from your cell-phone

Sensi 7.2.4 English
Sensi 7.2.4

Control your home's thermostat from your phone

Microsoft Remote Desktop English

Remote access to Windows 10

Remote Web Desktop 8.0.204 English

Manage your smartphone easily from your computer

Philips Hue 3.47.0 English
Philips Hue 3.47.0

Manage Philips smart bulbs from your mobile

openHAB 2.10.3 English
openHAB 2.10.3

All your home automation systems in one application

Muzzley 3.5.15 English
Muzzley 3.5.15

Control your smart home from your phone

Chrome Remote Desktop 79.0.3945.26 English
Chrome Remote Desktop 79.0.3945.26

Control your PC's desktop with Android

Dymotics 1.0 English

Turn your Android into a universal remote control

Splashtop English

Total control of your PC from your phone