The best cloud storage apps for Android

With the best cloud storage apps for Android, you can save all your files online to have them available whenever you want and be able to share them with friends, family or workmates. Choose between hundreds of free applications on this list and make the most of all the functions they offer you.

MEGA 13.1.1(241420252) English
MEGA 13.1.1(241420252)

The official client of the cloud storage platform

Dropbox 378.2.4 English
Dropbox 378.2.4

Cloud storage from Android

Google Drive English
Google Drive

Google's cloud storage service

Microsoft OneDrive 7.6 English

Microsoft cloud storage

FileSynced 2.1 English

File sharing download client

TeraBox 3.29.1 English
TeraBox 3.29.1

One terabyte of online storage for all your files

4shared 4.77.0 English
4shared 4.77.0

Online storage app for Android to freely share and find files

MediaFire 4.2.8 English
MediaFire 4.2.8

Shortcut to your cloud storage space

Send Anywhere 23.2.3 English

Share any file contained on your phone

Telebox 1.40.00 English
Telebox 1.40.00

Free cloud storage service

LinkBox 1.27.02 English
LinkBox 1.27.02

Encrypted cloud storage service

Jellyfin 2.6.1 English
Jellyfin 2.6.1

A multimedia content platform for online viewing and management

pCloud 3.25.2 English
pCloud 3.25.2

Online file storage service

Box 6.24.7 English
Box 6.24.7

Cloud storage platform with 10 GB free

JioCloud 20.12.10 English
JioCloud 20.12.10

Free Cloud Storage Solution

UnLim 1.2.2 English
UnLim 1.2.2

Unlimited Telegram-based cloud storage service

Shabakaty Share 3.0.12 English

Save and share documents online

Google One 1.214.623274453 English
Google One 1.214.623274453

Manage your premium subscription to Google Drive

Mega Manager 0.3.1 English

Unofficial client for Mega

Proton Drive 2.2.3 English

Cloud storage service

Degoo English

Cloud storage service with 100 GB free

SendSpace 2.3.1 English
SendSpace 2.3.1

Send large files from your Android

OneSync 5.0.13 English
OneSync 5.0.13

Automatically upload your files to OneDrive

Nextcloud 3.19.0 English
Nextcloud 3.19.0

Cloud file hosting app

Cloud English

Save your files in the Russian cloud

RCX - Rclone 1.11.4 English
RCX - Rclone 1.11.4

Synchronize files and folders with online storage services

ownCloud 4.2.0 English
ownCloud 4.2.0

App for managing your files on an online server

Collect by WeTransfer 6.1.7 English

Tool to manage and administer content

Firefox Send 1.0 English

Save your files on the cloud and share them with other users

Amazon Drive English
Amazon Drive

Online storage provided by Amazon

Yandex.Disk 5.21.0 English
Yandex.Disk 5.21.0

Free cloud storage service developed by Yandex

Adobe Creative Cloud 6.9.1 English

Access your work stored on Adobe's cloud

lifebox 20.491 English
lifebox 20.491

Backup and storage system for smartphones