Amazon Drive Android Amazon Drive is the application for Android smartphones and tablets of the cloud storage service provided by the online shopping and e-commerce giant
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Online cloud storage has become the favorite option for many users when it comes to saving their files safely... if we understand safe as impossible to lose and we don't take into account any privacy issues. Names of the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or OneDrive spring to mind as they are backed by Internet giants such as Google, Microsoft or Apple. Well, the online shopping beast also wants its share: Amazon also has its own cloud storage service.

Amazon's online hard drive

It goes by the name of Amazon Drive and through its Android app we can sync all our files on our tablet or smartphone with our online storage unit, as well as being able to access all those files that we have previously uploaded from Windows, Mac, Linux or iOS. The app comes along with a simple and intuitive design making it easy to work with it and upload photos, videos, documents or any other kind of file.

The following are its main features:

  • Upload photos, videos, documents or any other kinds of files such as APKs or ZIPs.
  • Access all your contents regardless of the device from which you uploaded them.
  • See previews of images, videos, and docs.
  • Create folders and move them however you like.
  • Download files to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Share files through links or attach them to an email, text message or any other application.

As usual in this kind of service, it offers us a free version with a limited capacity which we can later expand through different plans and prices depending on our needs.

If you're looking for a decent service to upload files to the cloud in a safe manner, bear in mind the possibility to download Amazon's online drive.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.2.
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