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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is an app that allows us to browse the Internet from our Android smartphone or tablet whilst we protect our personal data

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Privacy on the Internet is becoming an issue of growing importance. Protecting our data is very important to avoid thefts of private information, ransomware, and all sorts of identity impersonations, as well as other problems that you probably think will never affect you until they do.

A simple and efficient way of protecting yourself is using a browser specialized in keeping you protected and anonymous. There are several examples out there such as Epic Brower, Tor Browser or this new DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser.

Browse the Internet anonymously and remaining safe.

Main features of DuckDuckGo

This browser, despite its simple aspect, manages to protect the user by means of these complete features and some really strong shields:

  • Includes basic browsing functions such as tabs, bookmarks, and auto-complete options.
  • Privacy Protection blocks the hidden trackers it detects to identify the main advert networks and control who wants to monitor you.
  • The browser forces webs to use an encrypted connection whenever possible.
  • All searches made by users are 100% private and will never be tracked.
  • A Privacy Level rating is granted to the webs (from A to F) to show their protection standards in a simple glance.
  • Includes a trigger button to delete all tabs and data with a single screen tap.

Even if you continue to use the most common browsers of the likes of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it's never a bad idea to have DuckDuckGo at hand to make queries or access webs and information that you may consider more sensitive, such as your financial status or your medical data, for instance. Furthermore, it's totally free of charge and you can download it in both APK format for your Android or an iOS version if you've got an iPhone.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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