The best web browsers for Android

Find the best browser for your Android mobile device with features that adapt to your needs. Have fun surfing the web and customize your Internet browsing experience to the max. Each browser is unique and different from others, being very popular those that block ads, protect the user’s privacy, and increase the browsing speed. Try them all and choose your favorite.

Google Chrome 90.0.4430.72 English
Chrome 90.0.4430.66

Google's browser for Android

Firefox 87.0 English
Firefox 88.1.0

The Android version of Mozilla's web browser

Microsoft Edge English
Microsoft Edge

The Android version of Microsoft's web browser Edge

Total - TDownloader 1.0.105 English

Browser that incorporates a download manager

UC Browser English
UC Browser

Fast and low-consumption web browser for Android

Opera Mini 54.0.2254.56148 English
Opera Mini 54.0.2254.56148

Increase your browsing speed

Opera 63.0.3216.58473 English
Opera 63.0.3216.58473

The Android version of this experienced web browser

UC Browser Mini English
UC Browser Mini

Fast and minimalistic browser for Android

Chromium 88.0.4302.0 English
Chromium 88.0.4308.0

Open-source web browser that's the forefather of Chrome

UCmini Handler 10.4.2 English

Modified version of the UCmini browser

Phoenix Browser English
Phoenix Browser

A fast and private browser

UPX 87.0.4280.141 English
UPX 87.0.4280.141

Private and secure browsing on your smartphone

QQ Browser English
QQ Browser

Web browser developed by Tencent

Vivo Browser English
Vivo Browser

The official browser for Vivo smartphones

Mi Browser 12.7.5 English
Mi Browser 12.7.5

Xiaomi phone's web browser

Brave Browser 1.22.71 English
Brave Browser 1.22.71

A browser that incorporates AdBlock

Yandex Browser English
Yandex Browser

Fast browser with high compression rate

UC Browser Turbo English
UC Browser Turbo

A minimalistic browser without any bothers

Kode Browser English
Kode Browser

Browse the web from your Android with absolute privacy

Via Browser 4.0.6 English

Small but tough browser

CM Browser English
CM Browser

The most lightweight and safe browser for Android

BF Browser 14.2 English

A web browser that allows you to skip blocking web pages

Genesis - Onion Search Browser 631 English

Tor network browser that allows us to search on the dark web

Tor Browser 10.0.15 English
Tor Browser 10.0.15

The Android version of the web browser for the Tor network

Bromite 88.0.4324.149 English
Bromite 88.0.4324.149

Web browser based on Chromium

Blue Proxy 1.0.73 English
Blue Proxy 1.0.73

Enjoy a secure, private and anonymous internet connection

Android System WebView 90.0.4430.51 English

The native webpage viewer for Android

Mint Browser 3.7.2 English

Xiaomi's fast and lightweight browser

Proxy Browser 2.4.4 English

Access blocked websites on the Internet

Samsung Internet Browser English

Samsung's browser for mobile phones

Azka Browser 25.0 English

A browser capable to access blocked sites

Kiwi Browser Git201216 English
Kiwi Browser Git201216

Lightweight and convenient browser for Android

Vivaldi 3.7.2221.27 English
Vivaldi 3.7.2221.27

Safe and customized web browsing

Chrome Beta 90.0.4430.66 English
Chrome Beta 90.0.4430.66

The Beta version of Google Chrome

Aloha Browser 3.3.2 English

A private browser with VPN

Chrome Canary 92.0.4476.0 English
Chrome Canary 92.0.4476.0

The experimental version of Google Chrome

mCent Browser 0.13 English

Surf the web at full throttle with this alternative browser

Internet Browser 1.7.0 English

Fast and lightweight web browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.79.0 English

Protect yourself against tracking whilst you browse the Internet

DU Browser English
DU Browser

Web browser for those of you that don't like Chrome