Web Browsers for Android

Find the web browser for your Android mobile device that suits your needs the best when it comes to browsing the Internet and accessing webpages

Google Chrome 75.0.3770.90 English
Chrome 75.0.3770.89

Google's browser for Android

Total - TDownloader 1.0.59 English

Browser that incorporates a download manager

Firefox 67.0.2 English
Firefox 67.0.2

The Android version of Mozilla's web browser

Microsoft Edge English
Microsoft Edge

The Android version of Microsoft's web browser Edge

UC Browser English
UC Browser

Fast and low-consumption web browser for Android

Opera Mini 43.2.2254.140293 English
Opera Mini 43.2.2254.140293

Increase your browsing speed

UC Browser Mini English
UC Browser Mini

Fast and minimalistic browser for Android

Opera 52.2.2517.139816 English
Opera 52.2.2517.139816

The Android version of this experienced web browser

mCent Browser 0.13 English

Surf the web at full throttle with this alternative browser

Chromium 68.0.3440.106 English
Chromium 68.0.3420.0

Open-source web browser that's the forefather of Chrome

Proxy Browser 2.4.4 English

Access blocked websites on the Internet

Tor Browser 60.7.0 English
Tor Browser 60.7.0

The Android version of the web browser for the Tor network

Downloader & Private Browser 2.4.10 English

Browse the web from your Android with absolute privacy

Firefox Lite 1.7.0(12623) English
Firefox Lite 1.7.0(12623)

Mozilla's fast and lightweight browser for Android

Psiphon 231 English
Psiphon 231

A browser that avoids censorship

Next Browser 2.17 English

A browser for Android that tolerates plug-ins

Android System WebView 76.0.3809.21 English

The native webpage viewer for Android

Ace Browser 2.6.5 English

Web browser that includes Flash Player

Brave Browser 1.0.97 English

A browser that incorporates AdBlock

APUS Browser 2.6.5 English

Portable and lightweight browser

Skyfire 5.0 English
Skyfire 5.0

We browser with Flash support

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.27.0 English

Protect yourself against tracking whilst you browse the Internet

Chrome Dev 76.0.3809.12 English
Chrome Dev 76.0.3809.12

The version of Chrome for developers

CM Browser English
CM Browser

The most lightweight and safe browser for Android

Yandex Browser English
Yandex Browser

Fast browser with high compression rate

Puffin Web Browser English
Puffin Web Browser

A browser faster than Chrome

Firefox Focus 8.1.2 English

The most private version of Firefox for Android

Chrome Canary 77.0.3814.0 English
Chrome Canary 77.0.3814.0

An experimental version of Google Chrome

Chrome Beta 75.0.3770.75 English
Chrome Beta 75.0.3770.75

The Beta version of Google Chrome

Firefox Reality 1.1.3 English

A browser designed for virtual reality

Adguard Content Blocker 3.0.381 English

Block adverts while you browse

DU Browser English
DU Browser

Web browser for those of you that don't like Chrome

Mercury Browser 3.2.3 English

Fast and simple browser for Android

Samsung Internet Browser English

Samsung's browser for mobile phones

Phoenix Browser V3.0.38 English

A fast and private browser

Internet: fast, lite, and private 1.0.200113.0_141410 English

A lightweight browser focused on news

Opera Touch 1.16.1 English
Opera Touch 1.16.1

Opera's browser designed to be used single-handed

Cosmos Browser 1.2 English

Browse by SMS without data connection or Wi-Fi

Rockmelt English

The most famous social browser for Android

Orfox Fennec-52.9.0esr/TorBrowser-7.5-1/Orfox-1.5.4-RC-1 English
Orfox Fennec-52.9.0esr/TorBrowser-7.5-1/Orfox-1.5.4-RC-1

Browse the Tor network on Android