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Google Chrome Dev for Android comes along with all the new functions implemented by the browser's developers and the possibility to offer them your feedback

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Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world and one of the instruments used by Google to control our minds. Well, leaving aside monopolistic practices, the truth is that amongst the giant browsers, it's definitely the best (sorry, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera!).

Try out the new features of Google Chrome for Android

This isn't the stable version of the web browser but the developers' version, abbreviated simply as Chrome Dev, that offers us the possibility to try out on our smartphone or tablet all its latest features.

But, isn't that exactly the same as Chromium, Canary, and Beta? Well, more or less but this Dev version also allows the developers of the browser to receive feedback from its users, enabling a specific channel so that they can send their suggestions and proposals that have to make Chrome a better browser for Android.

Be the first one to discover the new functions of this browser.

So, if you feel like you should contribute towards the community to develop a better browser, download the APK to your Android right now.

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