Discover a more logical way of editing web code with Brackets. Bring together HTML, CSS and JavaScript and improve your productivity thanks to Brackets

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If you're searching for a visually attractive code editor that will help you to get stuck into the creative process, Brackets is what you're looking for. It's an open source code editor designed by Adobe and aimed at web developers, with an interface and functions that help you avoid distractions.

A revolutionary way of writing code.


  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript code editor.
  • Quick Edit function that allows you to edit styles on the element itself.
  • Live Free Preview that refreshes the browser to view the code's result in real time.
  • Programmed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Possibility to extend and customize the editor, as well as to contribute towards the project.
  • Extension manager.

In the interest of the programmer's productivity

Brackets poses a way of writing code in which CSS and JavaScript are combined with HTML in a more natural manner. Instead of switching from one tab to another each time you want to edit an HTML element, with the subsequent loss of concentration, you can make use of the Quick Edit function with the Ctrl+E shortcut keys. Thus, the element in question will show all its related information below.

A project in which you can have your say

Brackets is an open source project, therefore, it has the advantage of including modifications implemented by the web development community. As so, the improvements made will probably meet your programming demands. And if not, you can always include your own.

Discover a new way of web programming thanks to Brackets.

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