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Download Carapace for free, a simple utility for graphic designers that allows you create up to 9 vanishing points around a 2D image placeholder on your PC


Generate vanishing points on your images

November 9, 2012
7 / 10

In the field of graphical design, a vanishing point is the imaginary spot where parallel lines of a 2D image converge. An example would be a photo of the train tracks where the tracks seem to merge into an infinite point. Carapace helps you create up to 9 vanishing points easily in a 2D image.

Get some perspective.

Set two straight lines and use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + SHIFT +1-9" to create vanishing points from the intersection. You can create up to 3 perspective points for the grid. Carapace offers some options to adapt complex angles. It is also possible to determine the perspective of existing images and establish monitoring criteria.

Welcome to Epic Fridays

Epic Games is a software development company that dedicates one Friday a month to smaller projects that enhance their employees' creativity and give them a break from their usual work routine. Carapace is the result of the ideas of one of their artists, who in search of a simple tool to create vanishing points conceived the program.

Download Carapace for free, a very useful tool for graphic designers.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a RAR compatible compressor.
  • You need to install Microsoft. NET Framework.
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