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Carrom Friends invites us to participate in multiplayer rounds of carrom, a board game that is very similar to billiards and is very popular in India


Challenge your friends in this billiards version

April 25, 2023
7 / 10

Carrom is a board game from India for two to four players that is halfway between billiards and checkers. The mechanics consist in sinking the tiles of your color in one of the pockets of the four corners of the board. The first player that sinks all their tiles, wins the round.

Would like to try it? Yoozoo Global studio offers a digital version of this multiplayer game in which we can face our friends and players from all over the world through several game modes.

Indian version of billiards in digital format

The system of Carrom Friends is very similar to the one of the board version. To aim, we have to move a puck through the rails and then drag our finger backwards on the screen to mark the path of the puck. Likewise, while we play we can send texts to our opponents to bug each other and liven up the round.

Indian version of billiards.

What's more, this title has several game modes, so that we can play offline against the machine (with the possibility of choosing the level of difficulty) against our friends or against random players from all over the world. Besides, we can also compete in 2v2 rounds.

This is a very simple game, but it's highly addictive. And it has so much more to offer. Aside from being able to create our own clan, we can also unlock a lot of pucks and tiles as we move forward and open more and more treasure chests. In this way, we can customize our rounds with an original touch.

Would you like to give your first steps in carrom or search for opponents that are up to your level? This game provides for a delightful opportunity with a lot of possibilities.

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