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Learning and entertainment all in one

June 14, 2011
7 / 10

Childsplay forms part of a Schoolsplay project focused on its use at home, that fulfills all kinds of educational activities, with the objective that our children have a good time while they learn. To do so, it provides us with a pack of animated and entertaining games with educational purposes that children will love.

This free software arose in 2002 from the work of various developers, to offer a pack of useful and entertaining activities focused on children aged between 2 and 8. It has versions for the different platforms, and moreover, its installation is available in several languages, something that can come in very handy to practice foreign languages.

Activities included

  • Games to stimulate memory, that will help children to learn sounds, images, letters, and numbers.
  • Activities to train using the mouse and the keyboard.
  • Classic games to develop all kinds of abilities, like pong, pac-man, different kinds of puzzles,...
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