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1.1.1 Cut out objects from your photos and apply them to a new image with Clipping Pilot. Download Clipping Pilot and make your own collages and photo montages
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You don't need to get your hands on an expensive photography suite, loaded with functions unusable for the majority of mortals and with a complex functioning, to be able to create photo montages. Clipping Pilot, for example, is enough to carry out all kinds of montages in a few steps and with good results.

With Clipping Pilot you will be able to cut any image or figure out of a photo to use it in another image, as well as allowing you to save the cutout objects. On the other hand, you will be able to apply all kinds of effects to the background of your image. Darken the background, make the image blurry, apply colors...

Software to create collages and photo montages

Clipping Pilot is capable of detecting the edges of an object to make it easier to cut something out, even though you will be able to do so manually if you see that the result isn't what you desired. After that, you will be able to include it in another image with the orientation and size that suits you best.

So as to avoid losing a single second, they have added several simple tutorials explaining how to cut out objects and paste them on top of other photos. They will solve you more than one doubt you may have and they will allow you to use the software's full capacity from the first moment.

To handle photos you can download Clipping Pilot, a perfect software application to make collages and handle photos with all your images that can even be used as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to export the result as a TPI file, a special format that you will be able to open with the product and then save afterward as JPG, TIFF, PNG or BMP.
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