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FotoMix offers us the possibility to create montages with our favorite photos. Download FotoMix and discover how easy it is to enhance and combine images


Create stunning montages with your favorite photos

May 23, 2014
6 / 10

Editing and retouching applications cover a wide range of possibilities when it comes to modifying your images. But, if what you're looking for is a free application, that is easy to use and specifically designed to make amazing photomontages with your photos, try out FotoMix.

Enhance your photos in a simple manner.

FotoMix is an application that has been especially designed to modify and mix your images so that you end up with a new composition that adapts to your needs.Thus, you'll be able to get original covers for your CDs or DVDs, screensavers, funny photos, incredible anniversary photos, etc.

Options available

The application offers us the following possibilities:

  • Remove or modify the background of any photo.
  • Add or remove people from a photo.
  • Combine several images in one.

Once you've finished your creation, you can save it in one of the following compatible formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, FMX) and use it later to be printed.

From the main interface of FotoMix you can access a complete help file that includes several tutorials explaining each step, allowing you to easily learn how to use the application and obtain incredible results in a matter of minutes.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires an Internet connection.

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