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Comodo Backup is a cloud data backup service offered by Comodo. Download Comodo Backup for free to have all of your personal information more secure


Comodo's remote backup service

March 22, 2019
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Comodo is one of the most prestigious names in with regard to data protection and security programs, standing out due to such well known programs as Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Time Machine, and now they have decided to increase their offer with the creation of online backups thanks to Comodo Backup, a direct complement of Comodo Cloud, their online storage service.

Automate your backups

Comodo Backup isn't like the rest of programs that are related with online storage, because it is really more like a backup creation application, with the only difference that is stores all the information on the cloud.

Like any program designed to schedule backups, Comodo Backup allows the user to select which information will be backed up and to establish a lapse of time after which it will create a new backup copy.

Likewise, from the interface of Comodo Backup it is possible to restore all the data that is stored on the Comodo Cloud storage service.

Furthermore, when you install Comodo Backup it will also install the Comodo Cloud online storage service, if it isn't already present, offering the users the storage space to be able to store documents directly without any need to create backups.

Download Comodo Backup for free to keep your information secure.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It is necessary to have a Comodo Cloud account or to create it from the application.
  • The free storage service offers a total of 5GB of storage space.

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