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Conquian Zingplay is the mobile version of the card game featuring cards from the Spanish deck; also known as tercerilla, it is very well known in Mexico

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Conquian or tercerilla is a famous card game, very popular in Mexico, that is played with a Spanish deck and where matches involve two or three players facing off against each other. So, if you are a fan or want to learn how it is played, you can download Conquian Zingplay.

Online conquian matches

This app allows users to play online matches against each other, having several channels available to them, where they can meet and place their bets. This card game's interface can be set to English or Spanish and it offers the following features:

  • Play friendly matches against friends or take on random players.
  • Find different game channels and play in those that are best suited to your skills.
  • Become a VIP player and get different privileges, such as the symbolic icon or extra bonuses for buying gold.
  • Interactive animations in the game with actions for outwitting your opponents.
  • Get gold every time you start a session and use it to bet with.
  • Go to the virtual store if you run out of gold and place new bets.
Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
VNG ZingPlay Game Studios
6 months ago
74 MB

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