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Core FTP is an FTP client to transfer files very quickly and securely by means of this protocol. Download Core FTP for free and share all your files


Transfer files by FTP with speed and security

November 9, 2023
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The FTP file transfer protocol is the one that has been used more time, mainly due to the rather direct features that if offers, because it offers any user the possibility to download or upload a file in a quick and clear way.

To carry out this kind of file transfer it is necessary to have an FTP client installed, like Core FTP for example, that will allow us to connect to a server in a secure way and also to manage the data that we want to transfer.

Among the features offered by Core FTP we can highlight:

  • Use of secure connections to transfer data (SSL, TLS or SFTP).
  • Control of the transfer speed.
  • Support for a Firewall.
  • Use of Drag & Drop technology.
  • Start / Stop / Resume downloads and uploads.
  • Control via interface or from the command line.

To sum up, Core FTP is a quick and reliable way to connect to an FTP server.

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