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CuteFTP is a practical FTP client with support for the SSL and TSL protocols. Download CuteFTP and transfer files between your PC and an FTP server


One of the most popular FTP clients on the market

November 7, 2023
7 / 10

FTP clients are practical tools to make backups of a server, to share files though the server, or simply to update the files of our website. One of the most used ones is CuteFTP, that in its Home version presents itself as an affordable option for users that don't require advanced functions.This FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client allows you to transfer, in an intuitive way, any file (images, music, videos, applications,... ) between a computer and an FTP server. It is as easy to use as any file explorer, for example, Windows Explorer. All you will need to know, is the name of the server, your username and password.The main features of CuteFTP are:

  • Easy file transfer between local and remote panels, using the Drag&Drop method.
  • Easy site administrator to enable quicker connections to the most commonly used servers.
  • Includes a useful podcast manager and an HTML editor.
  • Secure connections, thanks to the use of SSL and TSL protocols.
  • Includes a guided assistant to carry out the connections.
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