Crazy Toad


Crazy Toad is a video game in which your objective is to make the toad bounce to destroy all the bricks. Crazy Toad is an original version of Arkanoid


Destroy all the blocks with this entertaining toad

February 15, 2011
5 / 10

Crazy Toad is a modern version of the classic block destruction game Arkanoid. But this time, you will control a small elf who is holding a mushroom, that can be used to make a toad bounce off of it and destroy all the blocks that form each level. As with other games of the breakout kind, when you destroy the blocks in Crazy Toad, you will be able to grab extras to make the task easier.

If you try Crazy Toad you won't be able to stop till you finish all the levels

It is a very simple yet addictive game. With very entertaining graphics, Crazy Toad will challenge you to destroy all the blocks to be able to advance in level. The objective is no other than to make the main character, the toad, rebound on the mushroom and hit the blocks. But there is another way of getting to the next level directly: if you destroy the spider that is crawling over the blocks, you will destroy everything and pass the level.

Crazy Toad also offers elements that will help you to eliminate all the blocks. They are objects that fall from the blocks. For example, the flowers make the toad move slower and thus make it easier to bounce; and the strawberries make the toad fatter breaking more blocks each time.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version only offers one life per game.
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