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Cyber Control is the tool you need to manage your cybercafe. By downloading Cyber Control you will get hold of all the tools you need to run your cybercafe


Everything you need to manage a cybercafe

November 16, 2023
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With the boom of the Internet, there is a cybercafe on almost every corner. Cybercafes are businesses with dozens of computers connected to the Internet that offer their customers the possibility to make use of them, browsing the Internet for a certain amount of time, for a price that is established depending on the time we spend online. And now thanks to Cyber Control there is an application focused on the management of these businesses.

Thanks to Cyber Control, the businessmen of this sector now have available a specialized tool to be able to manage their business in the most efficient manner, keeping an eye on the time spent by each customer online, by creating individual profiles for each one of them. You will be able to start the timers, specifying the different rates to be paid by the customers, and you can even have remote control on the time and date on which each computer is turned on and off.

As an additional feature, this program can be used to block the use of computers and to send individual or general messages to the users of the computers. And there is no need for you to worry, nobody will be able to change the settings of the computers without you knowing, because a password will always be requested for any of these actions.

If you run a cybercafe, you'll be very pleased to know that you can download Cyber Control free of charge. Managing a cybercafe will be as easy as launching this simple yet complete application, thanks to Cyber Control.

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