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ICafe Server is a useful tool to manage the terminals of a cybercafe. Download ICafe Server and try out the functions of this great management system


Manage a cybercafe and control all the computers on a network

March 24, 2019
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Libraries, cybercafes or network gaming saloons need to have an application that allows an administrator to manage all the computers that are part of a network, as well as being able to control the till, user supervision and keeping track of the rates to be applied.

Management software for libraries and cybercafes

ICafe Server is the application from which we will be able to control any aspect of a cybercafe allowing the manager to view (by means of thumbnails) the use of each one of the computers, manage the connection time of each client or user (by means of prepayment or post-payment), perform the maintenance of any computer remotely and keep track of employees, among many other things.

For this to work, this application has to be installed on a server and the client application has to be installed on one of the computers that are part of the network.

If you are looking for a solution to be able to manage your library or cybercafe and you want to access all the related information from the same interface, try out ICafe Server.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can only be used for 10 minutes.
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