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To be able to move files from Mac to iPhone or iPad we can make use of iTunes, but if we need to do the opposite process, we'll need a program like DeTune


Recover the contents of your iPhone or iPad from Mac

December 3, 2015
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Any Apple user should be very familiar with iTunes. This program is essential to synchronize any iOS device and copy files from Mac to iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Carrying out the opposite process isn't so easy. If our files on iTunes are accidentally deleted and we try to recover them synchronizing them with our iOS device, we'll lose all the files on our iPhone, iPad or iPoad. To solve this problem we recommend you to download DeTune.

Recover your iTunes music.

Easy access to contents on your iPhone or iPad

It's an application for Mac with which you can easily access your device's content: videos, music, podcasts and even eBooks. You'll just have to drag and drop, or copy and paste the files onto your Mac to recover them. It couldn't be any easier.

Thanks to DeTune you'll have access to system files and all the device's folders. Therefore, it's a perfect program to carry out backups and not lose any files.

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